``We are a small company dreaming big, but nothing is impossible! ``

Our goal is simple, we connect people with their thoughts for better and easier development of great and awesome ideas, we had created MSJoY, but to achieve what we planned, we needed a system and we decided on our unique system called CTC.
We build our Project Board to be simple and easy — take a look:


    1. The community chooses a project among the rest,
    2. We gather resources and developers working towards achieving the promised,
    3. We create first the plan: we don't like to go wandering without a path,
    4. And finally, we begin... If we fail, we try again... If we fail again, we will try again, and never stop.

SPowz Network ( Holding People Together )



We connect people with talent & skills and most important peoples with a DREAM for their biggest adventure yet

Creating, we merge ideas/thoughts from white paper to reality 

In every sentence, 35% can be possible

Why not making it 100%?

Unique System - CTC

TEAM UP - Speak, Manage, Plan !
CREATE - Work, Achieve!

Thoughtful Plans

MSJoY Succeeds in creating some say THE PERFECT PLAN
We are striving to make the best, even if it takes years

Project Development

YES! MSJoY will develop the projects, first with the appointed members of the named project and also with the community,

We will try our best and release early BETA Testing to the earliest life span of our projects.

Blockchain Crypto - READY

Blockchain! The Future

Here at MSJoY we are wrapping our projects around Blockchain technology, faster payments, faster connecting, faster everything


DIMON - Extended Asset

MSJoY is adopting Blockchain, and the best way to do so is by creating a cryptocurrency of our own

DIMON Decentralized Cryptocurrency created to support MSJoY Payments and to power SPowz Network

Community Support

MSJoY is adopting Blockchain, and the best way to do so is by creating a cryptocurrency of our own

DIMON Decentralized Cryptocurrency created to support MSJoY Payments and to power SPowz Network

VTP System (Vote to Publish)

MSJoY is implementing the VTP System (Vote to Publish)

VTP is a unique system where a pool is required to determine the progress of the project, and it will help completing the project with the people’s voice & touch

PROJECT Curve Form

MSJoY will start accepting project Applications with the Reference “P-CruveSPowzNet…FJoYNR0001079901”

ROUTE – Tand to power SPowz Network


SPowz Network

COMMUNITY will make MSJoY grow, will make the future bloom, we’re not born learned, we learn in time, by mistakes, by studying and the choices we make define us as a person,

MSJoY created SPowz Network, a safe place for a better future, we are taking this planet to it’s next level

SPowz Network is made as a Network for hardworking people deemed to improve themself, and to explore the Impossible



Unique Idea

Gathering Ideas&Thoughts -> ONE

Advertisement Idea’s

Group creativity technique

Community Support

Provision of all services

Self Grow

Participating, YOU GROW !

Team Consulting

Offering Advice and support

Extended Globally

Offering Global Goods


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Start Your New Project Today & Join MSJoY




Got a Project? Join Us!

SPowz - Asserting the Future

Crypto Accelerating PROJECT

SPowz Goal is to accelerate the utility of cryptocurrency, the utilization of cryptocurrency is a must for safe and secure transactions,

SPowz plan is to integrate DIMON into every transaction, and the way doing this is easy…LEARN!

Think of promotions ( 20% OFF ) Obviously that’s where I will spend my money

Now think about buying something, there is a fee, what if the transaction fee for DIMON would’ve been cheaper than with others, or the speed?

You would choose DIMON rather than paying a big transaction fee

So technically we try and convince the people to choose DIMON without saying or doing anything, even if you read this, you will choose the cheaper option




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First Contact

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Discussion & Planning

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SoHo 94 Broadway St New York, NY 1001

Mon. - Fri. 10:00 - 19:00

001 234 56 78



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